Drybar review

Buttercup retail $195.00

Ok, I have a confession to make I recently splurged big time, on a new blow dryer…I gave into the charming yellow paired with promises of flirty bouncy hair, cool beach girl waves, or for those extra sassy days, hair so high it can practically knock on heavens door. I bought Buttercup, and I have to say she is my new best friend!

Good Hair for all Kit (QVC) $179.95 (Drybar.com) $199.00

While the price is steep at $195.00 for Buttercup alone (that’s her name) I softened the blow by going with the “Good Hair for All” kit. Which offered a few of their best selling products and a wonderful introduction to the brand. The kit includes a full sized Southern Belle volumizing mousse, a Full sized Triple Sec 3-in-1 spray, two Hold Me hair clips and two concentrator nozzles for only $199.00! let’s just say I was sold. I purchased mine through QVC  they had the best deal offering free shipping, $5 off for new customers and I even opted for flexpay which really made it a softer blow on my pocket book (P.S QVC currently dropped the Kit price to $179.95). There is also a Baby Buttercup, which claims to have the same power as the regular one and kits start at $135.00 (kits available at Sephora, Drybar.com) 

So you maybe asking yourself what makes Buttercup so special well here is my full review. I have medium length hair and used to spend 25-30 mins drying my hair, I now fully dry my entire head in under ten mins (as a busy mom that alone is worth the price). Buttercup has Ion technology that helps seal the cuticle, and leaves your locks smooth, shiny and frizz free. She’s also a very quiet gal, even though she is packing an ultra-powerful 1875-watt motor (Professional grade), I can dry my hair with-out disturbing nap time. She has two heat settings (I usually set mine on high) and a cool shot which is supposed to help set your style in place if you are are doing your own blow-out. My only con is that she is that the barrel can get uncomfortably hot, which means I can only use the handle ( I find I have more control when doing my own blow-out if I hold the barrel).

Hold Me hair clips set of four $16.00, Half Pint round brush $36.00, Lemon Drop $16.00

Since buying my kit I’ve also added a few tools, which surprise I also love! I bought an additional set of the Hold Me hair clips, (includes 4) they are flexible towards the center and have the right amount of teeth to hold your section securely. I find that the flexibility prevents kinks on already styled  hair, and are easy to release with one hand.

My next addition is Half Pint (round brush) which is  ULTRA light and it’s bristles offer a nice tight grip on the hair. The ceramic barrel heats up as you dry which speeds up the drying process lastly the handle has a rubber coating to ensure a slip free grip.

I also purchased Lemon Drop, this is by far my most used tool aside from Buttercup of course. It’s a great detangling brush, it’s bristles are very flexible so the don’t rip the hair out yet strong enough to get through the toughest of tangles. I also love it to distribute styling product.

Tip: since these tools are also pricey I buy mine at Ulta I use the $3.50 off coupon (coupon only works on tools) or use any accumulated points.

The Chaser $29.00, Southern Belle $26.00, Hot Toddy $30.00, Triple Sec 3-in-1 $26.00

I’m also a fan of the Drybars’ styling products they work really well, feel luxurious and have the yummiest sweet scent ( my boyfriend is a big fan as well) that lingers in the hair throughout the entire day.

The Chaser is a great finishing cream, I use it on dry hair for days I’m rocking a piecey undone look or beach waves. After my hair is curled I take a small amount work it in-between my fingers and run my fingers throughout small sections twisting as I go.

Southern Belle is my second favorite product, It’s a light weight mousse that gives my hair a ton of volume. I use a decent sized dolp and work it throughout my entire head while the hair is still damp concentrating on the roots for extra lift. I then blowdry it in, I’m left with the perfect amount of texture and volume. Southern Belle also protects the hair from breakage, making it a must in my styling arsenal.

Hot Toddy is my favorite of the bunch, it’s an amazing heat protectant and aside from Buttercup number one must have. It’s luxurious cream that wraps around the hair with out weighing it down. I apply a small dime size to wet hair and work it from roots to end it the first thing I use when applying heat to my hair. 

Triple Sec is good but probably my least favorite, it claims to be a 3-in-1 however I find its really only a good texturizer and it’s overly sweet scent is a little much. I use it as a last step and spray it upward into my locks adding a decent  amount of texture ( I love texture). I don’t see myself repurchasing this product.

I also buy my styling product from Ulta, I like to use any points I’ve racked up and save a few extra bucks.




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