Lavander-Rose Himalayan salt scrub.


I’ve recently been obsessed with exfoliating, maybe it’s because summer is sneaking it’s way in and I can’t hide behind jeans much longer or maybe the colder weather left my skin in utter distress. In any case I’ve been pampering my skin a little extra, to get it looking fresh and smooth ready for all those sun dresses coming my way. While I own a few beloved body scrubs I always cringe at the idea of having to buy a new one, I tend to blow through them at an alarming rate (it’s not exactly the type of product you can stretch, well at least for me). So I set out to DIY my very own and I must say, it’s pretty darn amazing.  It’s very easy to make and totally customize-able to suit your scent preference, makes for a great gift, and its pink.

What you need:

1 cup: pure Himalayan salt

2 Tbsp: pure Coconut oil

15 drops: Lavender essential oil

10 drops: Rose essential oil

5 drops: Tree Tea essential oil

medium bowl



8oz container with lid


Step one.

Measure out 1 cup of Himalayan salt, and pour into a clean dry medium sized bowl.

*I opted for Himalayan Salt because of it’s ability to detoxify, improve blood circulation, and aid with muscle aches. Also it holds up very well and doesn’t loose it gritty texture. *


Step 2.

Start with your main scent, in my case Lavender add 5 drops at a time then fold in with a fork until oil is evenly distributed. Repeat 3 times or until desired scent level has been reach. Move on to the next oil adding the recommend amount of drops for each scent, set aside.

*I love Lavender oil for it ability to calm, act as an anti-inflammatory, and improve the regrowth of scar tissue*

*I used a Rose beauty oil ( feel free to throw in a few drops of any of your beauty oils) due to it’s ability to brighten and it’s even said that rose oil acts as an anti depressant. A nice pick me up for those morning showers*

*I threw in just a few drops of Tree Tea oil because it’s an absolutely wonderful anti-bacterial which means it helps with body acne.*


Step 3.

Add one Tbsp of room temperature coconut oil (oil should be a creamy to liquid consistency, you may have to run it under hot water to soften) at a time, use fork to fold in thoroughly.

*coconut oil is perfect for a body scrub it has the right amount of glide while allowing it’s goodness to sink in and deeply hydrate the skin with out leaving a thick layer of sticky residue*


Step 4.

Spoon mixture into 8oz container, and enjoy! Discard after two weeks or if scent changes.

I love to use my scrub before shaving to invigorate the hair follicles allowing for a smoother closer shave. I also use it in-between Mani-pedis, to keep the cuticles looking fresh and soft. All over the body I mimic dry brushing to promote healthy blood circulation.

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