Strawberry Pink Lemonade with Mint Infusion

With warm weather peeking in, I can’t help but get excited for warm evenings lounging by the pool sipping a refreshing cocktail. I’m very excited to share my Strawberry Pink Lemonade with Mint infusion cocktail, it’s perfect for those Al Fresco dinners or when just lounging. This is seriously so good, it’s become a staple.

Ingredients: ( makes two 8oz glasses)

4: large Strawberry’s sliced

1/2 cup: chopped Strawberry’s

1/4 cup: of chopped fresh Min

8: Large whole Mint Leafs

4oz: SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

6oz: Trader Joe’s, French Market Pink Lemonade



Cocktail Shaker

Knife and Cutting-board


Step 1:

Thinly chop 4 Large Strawberries and 4 Large mint leafs


Step 2:

Combine chopped ingredients and 4 oz of Strawberry Lemonade Vodka into Cocktail shaker, Muddle until you have reached puree consistency add ice and set aside.


Step 3:

Slice two Strawberries into even thin slices. Then layer your glass begin with the slices and mint follow with ice repeat until glass is full.


Step 4:

Pour in 6 oz of Pink Lemonade in glass, give shaker a few good shakes and slowly mix into glass. Garnish to taste.

Just like that you have the most refreshing cocktail, Cheers!


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