Florista Blooms x Life in Mauve Collab, Flower Crown Tutorial


Hi guys, I’m SOO excited to share the first installment of mine and Amy, from Florista Blooms wedding series. I have to say Amy is just as lovely, as her whimsy floral arrangements, her attention to detail is simply amazing making her arrangement feel like art work. She is a master at marrying texture, and romantic hues and turning them into something that makes your heart skip a beat. If you aren’t following her on Instagram I highly urge you to drop what you’re doing and stock her page for an hour or two (you’re welcome) @floristablooms.


We had so much fun getting to know each other while she shared her technique on making a pintrest worthy flower crown. Not to mention her adorable back yard, which is surrounded by cactus, bushes of blush hydrangeas and the sweetest veggie garden I have ever seen was our work space for the day. In the middle of it all is an equally darling pale blue shed which we took full advantage off, and used as our back drop for our perfect boho garden set.

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She shared some really great tips for any bride (or if you just happen to feel like rocking crown, on the regular) wanting to give making her own flower crown a go, im pretty hooked. 

In Amy’s words “You can’t go wrong with a flower crown”.

On to the tutorial!

For this DIY you will need:


*The amounts needed will depend on, the size of your head, and how full you want the crown to be*


Step one:

Start by taking your silk ribbon and wrapping it around your head, adding roughly 6″ on either side. Snip and set aside for now.


Step two:

Take the floral wire and measure it exactly to the size of your head, snip.


Step three:

Stretch the wire and lay it on top of the silk ribbon, try and center it as much as possible.


Step four:

Take a 3″ strip of tape and start tightly wrapping the wire and ribbon together, wrap around 2″. Once you have reached the end of the tape, give it a good squeeze this makes the tape extra secure.

Pro tip * if this is your first time using floral tape, it adheres by stretching it gently and wrapping it around itself tightly*


Step five:

Now start to wrap the ribbon around the wire in a long twist, don’t worry about this step looking perfect as it will all be hidden once we add our blooms. Once you have fully wrapped the ribbon down the entire length of the wire, take another 3″ strip of tape and finish securing the wire and ribbon together.

Set aside for now.


Set six:

The next two steps are probably the most important and also the most time consuming, however it is very important that you take your time and don’t rush.

Start to “clean” up each individual bloom, you want to expose around an 1″-1 1/2″ of stem.  I recommend, cleaning up a nice amount of blooms vs cleaning them up as you go, this speeds up the rest of the steps.


Step seven:

Once you have everything cleaned up, take two to three blooms ( mix and match)  and group them together to create small bunches add a small piece of tape to the ends.

Pro tip *avoid using more than 3 blooms at once, to many stems together will make the crown too thick*


You should end up with small bunches like these.

Pro tip *If you have larger flowers you may want to leave them as singles, same goes for any leafy greens that come in multiples ( far right).


Step eight:

It’s time to start building your crown, cut a 10 strip of tape and start wrapping your bunches to the wire and ribbon. Make sure you wrap the entire length of the stem, once you reach the end give it a good squeeze and move on to the next bunch.

Pro tip *start off with your leafy greens first, and then layer on the flowers on top”.


Step nine:

Continue to layer on all of your blooms, don’t be afraid to play with the placement of the leafs and flowers, move them around as needed.

Pro tip * We recommend creating  a pattern, to make a solid design*

*flowers with thicker stems may require you to continue to wrap past the stem and onto the ribbon to really secure it in place.*


Step ten:

Once all of your blooms are attached to the ribbon you should have something that looks like this. You want to stop 4″ shy of where the twisted wire and ribbon end, at this point you want to reverse the direction of the bunches ( when you close the crown, this step creates continuous flow)


Step eleven:

The very last step is to take a long piece of tape and weave down the entire length of the crown, this step makes the crown nice and sturdy and ensures the crown will keep a nice round shape. Wrap the crown around your head and tie off with a bow, or a knot for a more boho feel.

And that’s it you are ready to rock your crown all day every day! Store it in the refrigerator to keep it looking fresh ( it should keep for a few days).



In the comments below let me know what other type of tutorials you would like to see as part of our wedding serious.

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