Let’s Talk Bras

Gilligan & O’ Malley for Target

I feel like I have spent a majority of my adult life in the search of the perfect bra. Over the years I have tried several brands, styles, and have gone back and forth between padded and unlined. My search for a great fitting bra that also makes me feel sexy and confidant, has become even more of a challenge since becoming a new mom (a breast-feeding mom at that). It seem like nursing bras are all made to look like weird training bras. and give you uniboob (come on bra companies us moms  want cute and dainty bras too). Well, I have really exciting news! So exciting that I’m snapping pictures of my unmentionables, and sharing them all over social media… I found two really great bras, and I just have to share this discovery. Although it’s not an actual nursing bra, nursing is very do-able even better they can be found at Target ( can they do nothing wrong?) and it’s only $16.99! I have two styles that I’m obsessed with, like committed relationship obsessed.

To start I’m a 36D and have a lot of needs, I look for lift, support, flexibility (As a mom I’m constantly moving and can’t have anything jumping ship, you know what I mean) I also need it to be comfortable, durable and let’s not forget it needs to be cute. I know, it’s a lot of requirements but well-fitting under garments are VERY important, there nothing worse than having to constantly readjust. Style wise I go back and forth between wires and no wire, however I try to avoid padded bras I prefer a unlined bra (opposed to 20-year-old me, who loved an overly padded bra).

Gilligan & O’Malley Unlined Lace Bra
Buff Beigie, $16.99

I have two styles to share both from Gilligan & O’ Malley range from Target, but this one is by far my favorite I own a few different colors, and here is why I love it sooo much. It’s a fully unlined, wire lace bra (that’s a mouth full)  that has a slight stretch. Making it very comfortable to wear through-out the entire day or even sleep in. It comes in a wide range of sizes, even for us gals with larger breasts (size range 32B-40DD), the cups cut across at a slight angle giving the breast a very flattering shape. The built-in wire stops at the perfect point, high enough that it holds everything in from the sides, but low enough that you don’t have an annoying wire digging in at your side. Although this is not an actual nursing bra, I find the stretch and shape make nursing very do-able.

Gilligan &’ Malley Unlined Lace Bra


Ebony $16.99

The second color I own is this black number, which is just plain feminine and sexy no other way to put it. It’s completely outlined in lovely scalloped lace trim, which gives it a uber feminine feel. It works well under slightly sheer t-shirts, or t-shirts that have a deeper v ( lets face it showing your bra, is totally a fashion trend) the lace slightly peeking out looks really chic. A wider band hugs and smooths everything out making it undetectable under thinner fabrics. I can’t say enough good things about this one, I recently introduced my sister to it and she is just as obsessed as I am.

Gilligan & O’Malley Floral Lace Bralette
Crystal Pink $16.99

The next style is a true bralette that can be worn racer back or not, it comes in sizes XS-XL and is offered in 4 soft neutral shades. There is a delicate 1″ band of lace that  wraps around the entire bottom and curves in at the center front cinching me in. I don’t get as much support as a traditional bra but it still does a good job holding everything in place. The majority of  bralettes that I have tried are geared towards women with smaller breast, so I appreciate a brand that offers larger sizes that are  true to size and that are cute!

Share down below any of your favorite brands and styles ALSO Target has a 20% off sale until 04/29/2017! Talk to you all soon.

Not a perfect mom.

Levi James

This post is not intended to be a how-to be a mom because I am still figuring it out as I go. But rather me sharing my experience as a first time mom, the emotions, and challenges I’ve faced along the way. I absolutely love motherhood. My son Levi James is about to turn 6 months and he is my world I’m in constant awe of his curiosity, determination, and his  loving nature. He is growing so fast I want him to slow down just a few days ago he started to sit on his own and has now moved on to learning to crawl. Our days are filled with so much love and laughter, my boyfriend and I are extremely thankful to be his parents. While being a mom is the best, it’s also oh so hard and requires a lot of patience.IMG_0428-01


I feel like the first few months I spent them secretly feeling overwhelmed and in a constant panic. I had made up what I thought a good mom should look and act like and I had to become just that. She  knew everything and had all the answers instantly never made mistakes and did everything with a smile. I began to obsess over feeding him every 2 hours on the dot not a minute later.To reach this state of perfection I downloaded a feeding app that would alert me when baby “was hungry”. I became obsessed and instead of aiding me, the alert would send me into a panic. Diaper changes also became my enemy, they needed to be changed as soon as he was wet. While I did have some logic during this time I couldn’t help my feed into my craziness there was so much to learn and know and I wasn’t perfect. These feeling were only heightened when DR. visits rolled around, they felt more like test and the only way to ace them was to remember every detail of his day. I had to be ready to answer and also be prepared with a list of questions to ask in return, even when we didn’t have any. Good moms always asked the right questions. 

I never  wanted to admit that I was  overwhelmed, whenever anyone ask how I was doing a quickly answered “great”. I felt like the moment I gave birth, it was an open invitation to the most invasive questionnaire ever. I knew people meant no harm by asking for updates, but I was just too tired and I felt I needed to hand over a book report. How we were dealing, sleeping, how Levi was eating, was I nursing, was it hard and to make matters worse these question were always followed with advise. Even people I was pretty sure had never been around a baby gave advise. I hated it all.

Cousin Harry being silly in the background

Well… It wasn’t long before I broke down, and I finally told my boyfriend that I felt like I was a bad mother. He looked at me confused, he didn’t see what I saw. He gave me a hug gave me time to cry and then asked why? I told him all my “fails” from the feedings to feeling like I didn’t pay enough attention to Levi. He knew my love for Levi made me worry and obsess over silly details. He saw the happiest little baby that looked at his mom so lovingly there was no way  I could be a “bad mother”. It was then or maybe the days that followed that I realized how hard I was being on myself and how little credit I gave my ability to mother. My baby had a smile on his face everyday and he was healthy and was doing just fine even with feedings at three hours not two. I realized that I wanted my son to grow up knowing that perfection is not realistic and the only way to learn is to make a few mistakes along the way. I know realize that it takes time get to know your babies needs, I follow my intuition and trust that I am the best mother I can be.